The Deadly Choices Tobacco Education Program explores the historical journey of tobacco use, its acceptance, and its impacts on community.

Tobacco education is the foundation from which Deadly Choices has evolved.

It remains a vital pillar in our health education programs, fostering an understanding among all participants about the detrimental impact of tobacco smoke on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our program delves not only into the normalisation of tobacco use within Australia's Indigenous communities but also emphasizes the profound repercussions of its consumption.

This makes the participant’s own tobacco journey all the more culturally appropriate, growing appreciation for how and why tobacco use may already exist within their own family network.

Promoting key behavioural change through education around smoking, is a way of empowering our youth towards informed decision making and avoiding the harmful impacts of smoking and vaping.

It’s hoped graduates of the program will advocate against smoking among their peers and likewise be equipped to support peers, family and community members to start their quit journey.

Deadly Choices envisions this program will lead to happier, healthier Mob, as well as creating smoke-free environments.


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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website contains images of people who have passed away. With permission from their families, we have continued to use their images to acknowledge and honour their contributions in making our communities healthy and strong.

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