Good Quick Tukka

Good Quick Tukka

Good Quick Tukka is a cooking education program, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, which believes that ‘anyone can learn how to cook something – all they have to do is give it a try.’

The aim of Good Quick Tukka is to teach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people basic cooking skills and pass these skills on to others. It also allows participants to explore cooking techniques and different foods and is a great social opportunity.

As a result, the program hopes to increase the number of meals being prepared at home among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland.

Make a Deadly Choice and check out these recipes:

Good Quick Tukka: Corn, Carrot and Zucchini Fritters with Sam Thaiday
Good Quick Tukka: Pasta Salad with David Williams
Good Quick Tukka: Beef Rissoles with Bev Malseed
Good Quick Tukka: Bush Beef Stir Fry with Nathan Appo and Zoe Santo

Some quick tips to get you started:

  • breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it kick starts your metabolism and helps you concentrate at school, work and play
  • if you’re thirsty, drink water instead of soft drinks – they’re full of sugar
  • eat more fruit and veggies – aim for 5 serves of veggies and 2 of fruit each day
  • oranges are a deadly choice – they provide plenty of energy and vitamin C

Download the Deadly Choices Healthy Eating fact sheet

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